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The Minimal Dev (September 2017)

37169c5c58e9add105cda1c63584b9f3?s=47 Jason Cosper
September 17, 2017

The Minimal Dev (September 2017)

No offense, but most local development environments are overkill. Vagrant is great if you want to match your site’s production environment, but it can often be fussy, and slow to spin up. Docker runs faster and is more lightweight, but it can be hard to get up and running if you’re not intimately familiar with how containers work.

Laravel’s Valet project is a simplified, local, PHP development environment for minimalists that uses lightweight packages—not virtual machines— to speed up development time.

In this session I will demonstrate how to install Valet, show off some of the features that make it so useful for WordPress developers, and share some power user tricks that I’ve learned while using it.


Jason Cosper

September 17, 2017


  1. The Minimal Dev

  2. What are local development environments?

  3. Who should use a development environment?

  4. A brief history of PHP development environments

  5. MAMP and/or WAMP

  6. Vagrant

  7. Docker

  8. Local

  9. Valet

  10. Valet is bae

  11. → wp valet new tacos "#admin_user=boogah "#admin_password=queso-pastor-harina

  12. Installing Valet https:!"goo.gl/VtBKPq

  13. Fun with Valet

  14. Share Your Site → cd ~/sites/valet/tacos → valet share

  15. Play with Elasticsearch → brew tap caskroom/cask → brew cask

    install java → brew install elasticsearch → brew pin elasticsearch http:!"localhost:9200
  16. Play with Redis → brew install redis → brew services

    start redis → brew install php70-redis tcp:!"localhost:6379
  17. If all of this command line stuff freaks you out...

  18. But what about...

  19. Questions?