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The Many Flavors of NoSQL at TechBash

Bradley Holt
September 28, 2016

The Many Flavors of NoSQL at TechBash

The relational database has been the dominant model for persisting data for the last 40 years. While SQL databases aren’t going away anytime soon, the NoSQL ("not only SQL") movement has challenged the relational database's place as the default persistence layer for modern applications. Learn about horizontal scaling and eventual consistency as well as key-value stores, document databases, graph databases, and more.

Bradley Holt

September 28, 2016

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  1. TechBash Bradley Holt, Developer Advocate Wednesday, September 28, 2016 The

    Many Flavors of NoSQL @BradleyHolt
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  3. @BradleyHolt

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  5. IBM Cloud Data Services Open for Data A comprehensive por.olio

    of open source data services
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  7. None
  8. Big Data Get it?

  9. A Brief History of Data

  10. The Relational Database @BradleyHolt order *order_id customer_id date customer line_item

    *customer_id email_address name *order_id *item_id price quantity
  11. ACID Guarantees Relational databases guarantee atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability

  12. Big Iron The ACID guarantees provided by relational databases were

    (and often still are) critical for systems of record
  13. The World Wide Web The introduction of the Web brought

    a whole new type of application with different constraints than systems of record @BradleyHolt
  14. Mobile Apps The introduction of mobile apps added to the

    growing number of systems of engagement
  15. Changing Constraints

  16. Always On

  17. Big Data

  18. The CAP Theorem @BradleyHolt Partition Tolerance Availability Consistency Consistency Availability

    Partition Tolerance
  19. Horizontal Scaling Horizontal scaling is scaling through the addition of

    commodity hardware
  20. Eventual Consistency Given no new updates, each node in a

    distributed system will eventually have a consistent view of the data
  21. Enter "Not only SQL" (NoSQL)

  22. @BradleyHolt key-value graph document …more

  23. @BradleyHolt

  24. Key-Value Stores Opaque data accessed through unique keys

  25. Document Databases A variation on key-value stores with strictly defined

    values (e.g. JSON objects)
  26. Graph Databases Nodes and properties of nodes connected via edges

  27. Choosing the Right Data Layer

  28. Data Store It is not possible to abstract all of

    the constraints of your data store
  29. Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch Object-oriented programming and relational databases use different

  30. Semi-Structured Data Relational databases enforce a schema

  31. High Concurrency Database tuning often includes reducing the transaction scope

    or denormalization
  32. Eric Evans on NoSQL "This is the world of NoSQL

    to me, that we can choose a tool that fits well with the problem we're trying to solve." –Eric Evans (author of Domain-Driven Design) @BradleyHolt
  33. @BradleyHolt Catalog Document Database Key/Value Store Graph Database Full Text

    Search Shopping Cart Document Database Key/Value Store Orders Relational Database Big Data Analytics
  34. Examples developer.ibm.com/clouddataservices

  35. Cloudant FoodTracker

  36. Simple Data Pipe @BradleyHolt

  37. None
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  39. Further Reading @BradleyHolt

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