Pull Request, code review and the GitHub Flow

61a958118feeebeda27fe6437339231f?s=47 Brent Beer
October 01, 2015

Pull Request, code review and the GitHub Flow

Pull Requests are one of most essential workflow pieces of modern application development. If used effectively with proper code review and your existing workflow, they can not only help ensure high quality of written code, but do so without sacrificing the speed of development.
We'll start out by looking at what makes a great pull request, and what barriers people have with sending and receiving them. Next, we'll remove some of those barriers by discussing some code review best practices to ensure the code we're writing is well written and well tested. Lastly, we'll see how and why these pieces are a crucial part of a proper workflow, and what advantages the GitHub Flow has.


Brent Beer

October 01, 2015