Designing Your Open Source Project (DjangoCon)

A60068bce2e73de3a37ca9d2dbe36092?s=47 Bryan Veloso
September 04, 2012

Designing Your Open Source Project (DjangoCon)

There is an ever present rift between designers and developers and it is one that has existed since our paths started crossing. While it has almost become a requirement for designers to be able to grok the code they work with on a daily basis, that has unfortunately had no effect on the willingness of designers to work on open source projects.

Fortunately, if your project is in need of a designer, there are ways that you can make your project more appealing to our “special breed” of personality. In this quick talk, we’ll jump into the mind of your typical designer, show you just how many similarities we share and then apply that knowledge to make your project easy and appealing for designers to jump into.


Bryan Veloso

September 04, 2012