Hybrids Rule Everything Around Me (BlendConf)

A60068bce2e73de3a37ca9d2dbe36092?s=47 Bryan Veloso
September 07, 2013

Hybrids Rule Everything Around Me (BlendConf)

Hybridism is your new bicycle. Generalism is making a comeback. Specialization is dead. Being a "jack-of-all-trades" in this day and age is a sought after and almost enviable position to be in. But what does it mean to be a hybrid? It may take more than just learning outside the box.

Gather by the campfire and listen to the tale of one self-taught hybrid. After years of refusing to cross the asile, learn about what it took for him to do so. Hopefully you'll be able to find your own inner hybrid and trek your own journey forward effectively using the ecosystem this community has built.


Bryan Veloso

September 07, 2013