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Contributing to PHP's Core

Contributing to PHP's Core

Even wanted to contribute to PHP's Core? This is your time! From tests to a new function, PHP is open for new contributors. Fixing bugs, document things, cleanups, refactorings, or even new small functions. In this talk, we're gonna see how the `is_countable` function was made, and what we can learn from that.

Video: https://youtu.be/8BTxmPppPeQ

Gabriel Caruso

October 27, 2018

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  1. Who am I? • Backend Developer at Leroy Merlin BRAZIL

    • PHP enthusiastic • PHPSP member • OSS contributor • Refactor/Talker/Stickers/ELEPHANTS lover
  2. Agenda Background- Where is PHP source code? - Building the

    Core - Coding a new function for PHP - Writing tests for PHP’s Core - Conclusion -
  3. Couple of PHP’s Core stuff before we move on -

    .h files are the “””Interfaces””” of the .c files - C has macros, that we can understand as helper functions - C compiles the changed code every time we change it - Zend Parse Parameters (ZPP)
  4. Writing tests for PHP - .phpt files are test files

    of php-internals - They are written in PHP - They have they on unique structure