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Cave Injury

6f8b356f3d71cab89950ecc4f585e6bb?s=47 Shelly
May 09, 2021

Cave Injury

Phasma, Sophie (medic) and her Lieutenant get cornered in a cave with the Lieutenant gravely injured.



May 09, 2021


  1. L: You don’t make any sense! P:That doesn’t make any

  2. L: *cough cough* S&P: Lieutenant!!

  3. L:....

  4. L: Well, that’s new.... S&P: Don’t be so casual about

  5. P: That’s it… L: Heehee~

  6. P: You can finish patching her up at the ship.

    S: Yes, Captain. L: Ooo, your armor is so WARM!
  7. L: Heyyy, Sophie, do you want some of my blood?

    S: Don’t offer people your blood, Lt.
  8. P: Seriously, how are you still alive? L: I have

    a very high iron diet. S: Please try and keep her head elevated, Captain.
  9. L: How’s the forest looking? P: It’s just how you

    left it...
  10. P: Thoroughly on fire… L: Yayyyy!

  11. P: Sophie, hold on to me from behind. S: Y-yes,

  12. L: Hold me tighter, Captain. P: Please tell me this

    is from the blood loss. S: Ummm, sure.
  13. P: Hold on! L: Roger that!

  14. None
  15. S: *gulp*

  16. None
  17. L: Yahoo!!!

  18. None
  19. L: Are you okay, Sophie? S: Noooooo!!!!

  20. P: One more leap and we’re clear. L: Awwww-- S:

    Thank Karabast...
  21. None
  22. S: OOF! L: WOO-HOO!

  23. L: Can we do that again, please? C: Not now,

    you’re still spewing blood.
  24. P: I can also see now why you’re not a

    pilot. S: *cough* Yup… L: Sophiiie!!!
  25. L (OS): C’mere! S: Y...yes Lieutenant.

  26. P: Stop squirming! L: Sophie, Sophie! S: Don’t move so

    much, Lt!
  27. L: Helmet Kiss! S: Lieu- Lieutenant!!

  28. L: Your turn, Phasma! P: Honestly, could you be any

    more insufferable? S: Let’s...let’s just get back to the ship.
  29. P: Remind me to bloodlet the Lieutenant the next time

    we need to torcher someone. L (singing): This world is on fiiiire! S: Lt, please keep your head elevated!!!