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Box 4B ProQuest-WSJ tutorial

Box 4B ProQuest-WSJ tutorial

Box 4B ProQuest-WSJ tutorial


August 08, 2013

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  1. None
  2. scroll down to the bottom of click Wall Street Journal

    Library tab of
  3. enter your BlazeNet User Name; then follow screen instruc- tions

    for password
  4. enter whataburger in the search box

  5. Note all of the information on the Search Results page!

  6. See Publication date on the right sidebar. The bar chart

    identifies the range of dates, years, and frequency with which Whataburger articles appeared in the Wall Street Journal search results page
  7. let’s open the #3 article, ‘What Tastes Like Chicken But

    Dips Like Chips?’
  8. once inside the article, see these search features

  9. Note the quick and incisive writing of the Wall Street

    Journal  top competitors appear early in the articles
  10. Next, type in whataburger one more time; and click enter

    but, notice 'subject areas' search link appears on the start page of Basic Search
  11. This time, rather than opening & view- ing the 16

    results for whataburger, click Restaurants AND Business growth (link)
  12. click on the Search within link

  13. type in fast foods, then click Search

  14. Six results for this specialized search

  15. Finally, type in whataburger one last time; and click enter

  16. find the Sort(ing) tool on the right sidebar

  17. Sort results by: Publication date (most recent first) rather than

    Relevance (the default sort) then click Sort
  18. newer search results listed first now