Web Development with OpenAPI Spec & Fast Testing

Web Development with OpenAPI Spec & Fast Testing

Modern web applications are mostly built on API and client side apps. Centralizing the business logic in API can prevent clients duplicating features on their sides.

However, in certain situations, we might face a tight schedule, work with clients who use waterfall workflow, or work with clients who are very sensitive about any unexpected behaviors.

This talk will cover how we utilize OpenAPI Spec for cross-team communication, keep the development speed by using slow but steady integration tests, and how we speed up those tests.

This talk was originally given at WebHack Meetup, a software engineering meetup in Tokyo. https://webhack.connpass.com/event/121030/

I gave this talk as a web engineer at Moneytree KK, which provides financial data platform for general customers, financial institutions and businesses. Check Moneytree's careers page for current open positions. https://www.moneytree.jp/careers


Yu-Cheng Chuang

February 27, 2019