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Improving circulation and improving muscle health are two of the most common health benefits of nitric oxide circo2 reviews supplements. One of the health benefits is the improvement of cardiac output. Cardiac output is the ability of the heart to pump blood. There are several nitric oxide supplements on the market that contain L-citrulline. The chemical compound has been shown to stimulate cardiac output, enhance contractility, increase blood flow, reduce left ventricular (LV) blood pressure, reduce blood flow in the body and even prevent some forms of cardiac failure. A study published in the Journal of American Science reported that using L-citrulline during athletic training improved the performance of athletes who engaged in sprinting.

- Oxidative stress and aging are two other factors that can cause the buildup of free radicals in our cells. Using nitric oxide supplements with L-arginine prevents oxidative stress from building up. This helps to keep the aging process at bay. Other health benefits from nitric oxide supplements include the ability to: stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, promote angiogenesis, improve tissue regeneration, improve cell metabolism, improve neurotransmission, increase endocrine function, improve reproductive function, and delay the formation of age-related diseases such as arthritis and certain cancers.

- Boosting nitric oxide is very useful after an intense workout because it assists in the recuperation process. Studies have shown that nitric oxide supplements after strength training are highly beneficial for the body. They help to protect the cells from damage caused by intense exercise. They also help to maintain cellular homeostasis. Resistance exercises promote muscular growth and endurance and can increase lactic acid production, the main cause of muscle soreness and injury during and after physical activity.

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