Meteor intro talk

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November 05, 2013

Meteor intro talk

A breefly overview to Meteor JS framework



November 05, 2013


  1. Meteor A better way to build apps PREVIEW 0.6.6

  2. Bits about us IT Support SysOps Developer Mariano Cortinez Tomás

    Gonzalez Dowling Desktop Application development IT Support Full Stack Web Developer
  3. What is Meteor? Meteor is an open-source platform for building

    top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started A library of packages Under heavy development, but used in several production apps A command line tool
  4. Seven principles  Data on the wire  One language

     Database everywhere  Latency compensation  Full stack reactivity  Embrace the ecosystem  Simplicity equals productivity
  5. Pure JavaScript Write your entire app in pure JavaScript Same

    APIs are available on the client and the server
  6. Live page updates Templates automatically update when data in the

    database changes Supports any templating language
  7. Clean, powerful data synchronization Write your client code as if

    it were running on the server and had direct access to the database Select and Insert statements from Javascript :)
  8. Latency compensation When a user makes a change, users screens

    update immediately If the server rejects their request or executes it differently, the client is patched up with what actually happened
  9. Hot Code Pushes When you push a new version, the

    new code is seamlessly injected into each browser frame in which the app is open Update your app while users are connected without disturbing them
  10. Sensitive code runs in a privileged environment Write all of

    your code in JavaScript (if you want.) The user interface runs in your browser The sensitive functions run in a privileged server environment
  11. Fully self-contained application bundles One command to compile your entire

    application into a tarball Unpack it anywhere there's node.js, run one command, and you're on the air
  12. Interoperability Distributed Data Protocol: queries a server-side database, sends the

    results down to the client, and then pushes changes to the client whenever anything changes in the database You can connect anything to Meteor, from native mobile apps to legacy databases to Arduinos Just implement the simple DDP protocol
  13. Smart Packages Meteor's Smart Packages are actually little programs that

    can inject code into the client or the server, or even hook into the bundler to preprocess your source Great care has been taken to give the core Meteor packages the minimal set of dependencies, so you can use your favorite templating, testing, or DOM manipulation frameworks
  14. Who's using Meteor?  Share With 911 → how to

    communicate under emergencies  Interview → data analysis  ApplyBin → hiring management app  Nemaload → interactive 3D visualizations of neural activity  Streem → online storage video service  Others?
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