Content Strategy Tips 2016

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June 02, 2016

Content Strategy Tips 2016

- The rise of Content Marketing – where it is now, where it’s heading
- What the REAL OPPORTUNITY is for your business
- Why you need some form of CONTENT STRATEGY
- How our QUEST checklist will help you be effective



June 02, 2016


  1. eBook: Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

  2. This eBook highlights: •  What’s CHANGED in the world of

    Content Marketing •  How your business can use content to ATTRACT new customers Specifically we’ll look at: •  The rise of Content Marketing – where it is now, where it’s heading •  What the REAL OPPORTUNITY is for your business •  Why you need some form of CONTENT STRATEGY
  3. This eBook will also cover: •  How content benefits B2C

    and B2C in different ways •  How to utilize social media for content distribution •  The ever-growing need to be mobile device compatible •  How our QUEST guide helps clients keep quality consistent
  4. The Rise of Content Marketing

  5. “You can’t buy engagement, no matter how much media spend

    is behind it, money alone won’t make it more engaging.” John McCarus, DigitasLBi VP-Social Content Practice Lead
  6. - Jonathan Perelman of Buzzfeed “Content is KING but distribution

    IS QUEEN – and SHE wears the trousers!”
  7. Google’s trend report demonstrates that interest in the phrase ‘Content

    Marketing’ continues to grow.
  8. 76% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they

    did one year ago. 77% of B2C marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago. Source: CMI 2016 Report
  9. 72% of companies say they value and employ content marketing

    processes and techniques 28% of global marketing budgets are now being invested in content marketing Source: CMI 2016 Report
  10. Content must be mobile 80% of internet users go online

    using their phones… Not only is mobile usage growing, mobile spending is also increasing rapidly. Source: Smart Insights, 2016
  11. In 2012, marketers spent $4.4 billion on mobile advertising in

    the U.S. In 2014, that figure rose to $8.5 billion A figure that is projected to quadruple by 2017 to $31.1 billion Source: (CMO Council)
  12. What is the Real Opportunity?

  13. Creating quality content remains fundamentally important for any business looking

    to successfully attract, engage and retain online audiences and convert them into LOYAL customers.
  14. Much has changed in the way that search engines rank

    sites and filter their audiences depending on a range of factors including: •  how recent content is •  how long content engages •  how quickly content disengages •  how often content is shared on social media •  how relevant content is to trending search terms
  15. Content Objectives As a result, businesses realize content needs to

    : ! Rank higher in SEARCH to attract more visitors ! Appear more often on multiple SOCIAL MEDIA ! Be more ENGAGING so visitors stay longer ! Be more QUALITATIVE so visitors will share it ! Be UPDATED more often to attract more new visits ! Be ‘EVERGREEN’ to protect investment in SEM & SEO
  16. To compete today requires a clear and coherent Content Marketing

    Strategy. Creating such a strategy means deciding which content will best combine what you want to say with what audiences want to consume.
  17. Content Marketing Strategy

  18. 32% of marketers say they have a content marketing strategy

    48% say they do have a content marketing strategy but it’s not written down Source: CMI 2016 Report
  19. 66% of marketers that do have a documented strategy rate

    themselves highly in effectiveness compared to 32% who only have a verbal strategy. Starting with a verbal strategy is better than nothing, but statistics indicate a written one will be more effective. Source: CMI 2016 Report
  20. Source: Content Marketing Institute Creating a strategy starts with defining

    who you’re creating content for and what type of content will be of most interest to them. Setting goals help measure the effectiveness of such tactics.
  21. Source: Content Marketing Institute: Tracking goals and tactics will help

    you identify where clients are responding and which methods are less effective. Implementing calculated changes will help you meet your goals.
  22. Content Strategy Objectives The top 3 initiatives for marketers: ! 

    Better conversion of visitors !  More engaging, higher quality content !  Making themselves better storytellers Source: Content Marketing Institute:
  23. Search & Social

  24. Web pages with 300 words rank higher than web pages

    with less.
  25. Blog/social media posts that are 1500 words or more receive:

    - 68% more Tweets and - 23% more Facebook likes than a post that is 1500 OR LESS! Quicksprout Study
  26. Search Engine Marketing has become a very expensive endeavor, making

    Google more than $42 billion every year. Why did Facebook’s 2015 Q1-Q2 profits increase by 60%? Because the associated costs of distributing content are increasing and paid social is one of the best ways to do it. Where is Content Marketing Going?
  27. Despite there being an increasing amount of user generated content

    on the internet, most of it is low quality. Social media has created a filtering system to help funnel content to the right audiences. Today you need to discern which platforms your audience is using and what content they are looking for.
  28. 94% of marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content to a

    wider, more professional audience. Sites like Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest quickly increase the visibility of your products, essential if you rely on e-commerce. Source: Content Marketing Institute
  29. CONTENT: The Party Analogy The role content plays

    in digital marketing: •  Search Engine Optimisation – is your venue READY to PARTY? Do you have all of the things you would expect to find at a party in place? •  Search Engine Marketing – how are you going to INVITE GUESTS? How well do you ensure they get the message and will be motivated to come? Why will people choose your party over others? •  Content – How long are people staying? How GOOD is the party? Will people talk about how awesome it was and want to come again? OR will they leave early, thinking you’re a bit weird?
  30. Q.U.E.S.T.

  31. Q.U.E.S.T is a checklist we created to help you ensure

    that all content contains the necessary ingredients required to be truly effective                   
  32. Q.U.E.S.T stands for content that is: !  Qualitative – well-written,

    interesting storytelling !  Unique – fresh data; exclusive insights !  Engaging – capturing audience attention for longer !  Shareable – relevant; more likely to be shared !  Trusted – authoritative; from a reliable source                   
  33. Q.U.E.S.T Benefits: Creating good content is not only cost effective,

    but with more companies utilising content marketing, the need to grow your own ‘social capital’ to compete has never been greater.                     
  34. The information we’ve provided is not intended to overwhelm you

    with too many confusing buzzwords or statistics (sorry if that’s the case!) In short, all this evidence hopefully underlines that content, when employed correctly, can be a highly valuable weapon for any business. Conclusion
  35. Following a content strategy, utilising social media, or being mobile

    compatible are all things that the majority of businesses know how to approach themselves. However, content creation, especially selecting the best writing talent or writing itself, are time consuming activities best handled by specialists. Luckily for you, that’s exactly where we can help! Why we published this eBook
  36. Dedicated to helping you create, translate and publish more content,

    more often.
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