Courtney Bolton, UX


★ Digital product designer, web strategist, interaction designer, & UX / user experience specialist in NYC • http://twitter.com/courtneyBolton

10+ years of interactive design experience in NYC, with extensive hands-on problem-solving in concept creation, brand strategy, information architecture, interaction design, visual/user interface design, usability, & user research. Previous employers include A-list design agencies & consumer brands.

I design UX (user experience) for digital interfaces, digital products, web applications, technologies, services, and software. I'm an intuitive, holistic systems-design oriented problem-solver. I work with teams to create, visualize, synthesize, and refine the product vision. I use interaction design, visual communication, content strategy, organizational processes, and cross-functional alignment to strengthen & reinforce the end-user's experience with the product • http://courtneybolton.com