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OpenStack Summit May 2014 Recap

OpenStack Summit May 2014 Recap

A visual tour of some interesting moments from the May 2014 OpenStack Summit in Atlanta. From my presentation at the Atlanta Cloud Computing Meetup on 5/19.


May 19, 2014

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  1. OpenStack  Summit  May  2014   Recap     Chris  Sears

      Atlanta  Cloud  Compu=ng  Meetup   5/20/2014  
  2. OpenStack  is  Big  Business*  

  3. Cloud  Hardware  

  4. Linux  Containers  were  Hot  

  5. HP  being  HP  

  6. Ceph  and   Red  Hat   Storage  

  7. Red  Hat  Party  

  8. Red  Hat  Controversy  

  9. Red  Hat  Controversy  

  10. None
  11. Design  Summit   Etherpad  Notes:   hNps://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Summit/Juno/Etherpads      

    Barbican   Ceilometer   Cinder   Cross-­‐Project   Devstack   Documenta=on   Glance   Heat   Horizon   Infrastructure   Ironic   Keystone   Marconi   Neutron   Nova   Ops   Oslo   QA   Refstack   Release  Management   Sahara   SwiY   TripleO  (Deployment)   Trove   User  CommiNee   Other  Projects  
  12. Ques=ons?       Thanks!      Chris  Sears