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Little Hearts Medical in China (2013)

85e8cd2552d15f650fe757f9e0ccb393?s=47 Mike Lee
March 13, 2013

Little Hearts Medical in China (2013)

How Little Hearts Medical came to be, what we do in China and the Partners who help us make it happen.


Mike Lee

March 13, 2013


  1. LITTLE HEARTS Providing Cardiac Care for Orphaned and Underprivileged Children

  2. THE PROBLEM CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE Every day in China, orphaned

    children die from congenital heart defects that are successfully repaired in the United States.
  3. THE NUMBERS • 4 million babies are born in the

    US each year • 1% of children born in the US have Congenital Heart Disease • Each year in the US, 40,000 children are born with CHD • 90% of children born in the US with CHD survive childhood because of advances in Cardiac Care. CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE • 16 million babies are born in China each year • 0.8% of children born in China have Congenital Heart Disease • Each year in China, 130,000 children are born with CHD • 90% of children born in China with CHD do not reach childhood.
  4. Lee Family It all started with adoption. Mike & Tanya

    adopted Anna, a a healthy baby girl from China in December 2005.
  5. Mike & Tanya adopted Shelby (2007), Ping (2010) and Jian

    Jun (2012). All suffered from Heart Disease and received care in the US. An Opportunity to Help
  6. ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY From Jian Jun’s 2012 adoption trip, an opportunity

    arose to send a team of doctors and nurses to volunteer at Little Flower Foster Home where Jian Jun had lived.
  7. RELATIONSHIPS FORMED During our trip, the team met and worked

    with doctors in China who also care for children from Little Flower and orphanages around China. We extended our volunteer work to include BaYi Children’s Hospital and Beijing United Hospital. Dr Zhou (BaYi) and Dr Liu (BJU) are contracted with the Chinese government to provide healthcare to China’s neediest children. Little Hearts Medical was formed to facilitate collaboration with these doctors, and others in China who are eager to advance Cardiac Care for orphans.
  8. LITTLE HEARTS MEDICAL Including our October 2012 trip, Little Hearts

    has sent three medical teams. Services performed include: •16 Heart ECHOs •4 Heart Cath Procedures •3 Open Heart Surgeries •Cardiac Assessment Training for Little Flower Nannies Little Hearts Medical received 501c3 status in February 2013 and is moving ahead with additional trips planned in April and October 2013.
  9. THE FOUNDERS Dr Stephen M Langley, MBBS, MD, FRCH (CTH),

    FETCS • Chief of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, Oregon Dr Laurie Armsby, MD • Pediatric Cardiologist, Director of the Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, Oregon Tanya Lee, RN, BSN, Nursing Director • Registered Nurse since 1997 Mike Lee, Executive Director • Successfully founded two Executive Search Firms LITTLE HEARTS MEDICAL

    Medical Team Trips of Cardiologists, Surgeons and Nurses • Training for Doctors and Nurses on Advanced Cardiac Care • Collaborative Research to advance cardiac care in China • Medical Training for Foster Home Nannies • Co-Host Annual Industry Events • Collaborate with Orphanages on rural projects to increase Cardiac Care in the countryside
  11. PARTNERS LITTLE HEARTS MEDICAL BaYi Children’s Hospital • 3 Open

    Heart Surgeries, 4 Heart Caths, 4 Heart ECHOs Beijing United Family Hospital • 12 Heart ECHOs Little Flower Foster Home • Cardiac Assessment Training for Nannies Chunmiao Foundation • Free Heart care for Chunmiao-funded Children China Center for Children’s Welfare & Adoption • Free Heart care for CCCWA-funded Children Philips Healthcare China • Provides Healthcare Imaging products at no cost • Future Training Partner to advance Cardiac Care

    work alongside key Decisions-Makers in China • Our teams provide care specifically for Orphaned Children • Our specialists train and collaborate with trendsetters in China’s healthcare system • Advanced Cardiac Cath and Surgical Techniques filter into other parts of China’s healthcare system • By working with leading organizations, Little Hearts can influence Cardiac Care across China’s healthcare system
  13. WHY NOW? LITTLE HEARTS MEDICAL • China’s Healthcare System is

    under-going a revolution. • China’s medical technology is the same as that of developed countries. • China’s Government and Medical Communities are taking extraordinary steps to improve orphan care. • We hope to lower concerns for families considering adoption of children with medical special needs. • Because every child deserves a chance.
  14. PLANS LITTLE HEARTS MEDICAL 2013 • 2 Medical Team Trips

    in 2013 • Cardiologists, Surgeons and Nurses to BaYi Children’s Hospital and Beijing United Hospital • 1 Nursing Team Trip to Little Flower Hospital • PICU Nurse training at BaYi Children’s Hospital and Beijing United Hospital • Cardiac Care training for Nannies at Little Flower Foster Home • China Team in Place to run Operations
  15. LITTLE HEARTS MEDICAL Little Hearts Medical is a registered 501c3

    nonprofit organization. For more information, visit www.littleheartsmedical.org