The effects of technological advancement ar each positive and negative. Positively, technology advancement has simplified the approach we have a tendency to do things, it saves time, it will increase on production, it simplifies communication, it's improved health care and it's conjointly improved our instructional atmosphere. Negatively , technology advancement has created humans therefore lazy , technical schoolnology users ar therefore addicted to new advance tech tools , this laziness has resulted into less innovation, it's enlarged on health risks as a result of technology users exercise less , it's affected the atmosphere attributable to the rise pollution that has affected the gas layers that has resulted into heating. once it involves education, students ar additional addicted to Calculators and computers to unravel easy equations; during this case they'll not train their brains to unravel an easy task that makes them lame in school. Below I actually have listed a number of technological advancements that have modified our lives:

Technology Advancement in drugs and Health care: Technology has helped in saving several innocent lives. Human drugs and health sciences have improved. Doctors and medical students have commenced medical technological tools to hold out intensive analysis on human health issues and challenges. This intensive analysis has resulted into the event of recent medication, and coverings that have helped in set most difficult human diseases and this has helped in saving such a big amount of lives and it's conjointly prolonged the human time period. Let’s examine some cool medical technological advancements and the way they assist North American country.
Fig 1: good phone Ultrasound: employing a $100,000 that was provided by Microsoft, consultants at the Washington University in St.Losuis managed to integrate a USB-based ultrasound probe with a wise phone. the most goal was to make AN easy hand sized ”Ultrasound device ” which will alter doctors in remote areas to image a patients excretory organ , liver , bladder , eyes , veins and arteries so they'll simply notice any infections. this sort of device is of an honest use in several developing countries and it will facilitate in saving lives. Doctors without borderlines will use this mobile radical sound to assist out several patients in remote areas.

Technology Advancement in drugs

Other health care technologies include; Nanocomposite Contact Lenses wont to treat polygenic disorder , Robotic Surgeons , Neuroprosthetic Chips that prevents seizures and management artificial limbs with mind , Multimodality Hybrid Imaging Technology that detects glandular cancer ANd Artificial Wombs that ar wont to grow an embryo outside of the body of a woman’s body. Learn additional regarding these medical technologies here

Technological advancements in communication: Communication could be a major consider each human lives and business. Communication technology has modified with years and it's even become higher, I will tell what the long run holds during this field of communication. In (fig 1) you'll see a girl employing a fastened land line to speak, by then, this was the most effective thanks to communicate together with your family, friends or business partners and suppliers. the sole challenge it had was that it absolutely was fastened, therefore if you wherever not within the workplace or reception, individuals couldn't communicate with you. With years this technology has evolved and that we have witnessed new mobile phones that created communication easier. In (fig 2) you'll see 2 adults relish advanced communication technology (ipad) , this can be a brand new technology , which might do quite simply creating calls. With its technology, you'll even do a live video decision and see the individuals you’re human action with, kind of like good phones like iphone or Samsung galaxy which might have connected functions.

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