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Beyond FOIA (FOIA and Technology)

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March 19, 2013

Beyond FOIA (FOIA and Technology)



March 19, 2013


  1. foiA and technology David Cabo, @dcabo

  2. we live in a data-hype world “Data is the 21st

    century’s new raw material”, francis maude, minister for uk cabinet office.
  3. reactive foia vs. proactive open data

  4. Open data - accessible online, free - digital, machine readable

    - free reuse & distribution
  5. moving up the five star model

  6. it is growing... - research data - personal data (midata,

    health) - corporate data? - crowdsourced - ‘smart’ infrastructure
  7. crowdsourcing data

  8. real-time data

  9. ‘smart’ infrastructures

  10. tell-all telephone @ zeit Online

  11. (open government) data vs. open (government data)

  12. None
  13. ‘opening’ gov data. what for? - accountability - innovation -

    responsiveness - ‘smarter’ decissions
  14. “the ‘open’ in open gov was never meant to suggest

    data-as-in-FOIA but rather ... as in open innovation”, beth noveck, former obama’s open gov initiative lead.
  15. evidence-based policy ‣ “evidence-based research and policy are fundamental to

    understanding and responding effectively to the challenge of assuring the health and social and economic wellbeing of people. Administrative data, routinely collected and carefully used, has the potential to drive research that improves lives. We wish to grasp this opportunity.” uk government
  16. improved service delivery

  17. is open data political?

  18. against transparency ‣ “transparency is not enough”, danah boyd: information

    is power; ability to control the narrative even more. ‣ “a database of folly”, aaron swartz: change won’t happen automagically. ‣ “seeing like a geek”, tom slee: open data co-opted by private interests. ‣ “Against transparency”, lawrence lessig: a cynical backslash? actual reforms needed
  19. journalists needed “People don’t consume facts. They consume stories.”, clay

  20. a map is not a story

  21. million dollar blocks

  22. good times for journalism “Unless the event is capable of

    being named, measured, given shape, made specific, it either fails to take on the character of news, or it is subject to the accidents and prejudices of observation. Therefore, on the whole, the quality of the news about modern society is an index of its social organization.”, walter lippmann.