Harshit Shah


Denim Colourchem (p) Limited is renowned Synthetic and Natural Food Colours Manufacturers in India. Also we are Food Colour Exporters, Food Colour Suppliers. We provide Synthetic Food Colours like Tartrazine Colour, Sunset Yellow Colour, Ponceau 4R Colour, Carmoisine Colour, Chocolate Brown HT colour and etc…, available in Powder, Granular and in Liquid form, and customized as per customer requirements. Also we provide Natural Food Colours like Liquid Caramel Colours, Annatto Colour and etc…, Lake Colours and Blended Colours, used in Food & Beverage Industry, Confectionery, Bakery products, Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Toothpaste, Washing Powder, Pharmaceuticals, Writing Inks, Crayon Colors, Toiletry Products, Animal Feeds and etc. Know More visit http://www.denimcolourchem.com/

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