Detectives Inter


Launched in 2011, we're a top international multi-platform game writer. Our games are translated into 16 distinct languages and printed in over 130 countries, reaching over 200 million gamers worldwide.

We are devoted to bringing excellent gaming content into the international marketplace and have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in publishing games abroad via multiple platforms such as mobile, internet PC, games console and VR. We keep our pioneering existence as the tactical publishing associate of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Shanghai for its worldwide publishing industry --uniquely positioning individuals to deliver top quality games to PC and games console gamers globally.

Our games cover a broad spectrum of genres like fantasy, war plan, RPG, simulation, action, mystery, experience, and variety from internationally renowned IP matches to exceptional, higher quality Cartoon games. Naruto Online, the award-winning RPG browser-based sport of this Naruto franchise, has assembled a worldwide following.

Detectives Intercom also have established a lineup of thrilling Steam and VR games such as Koi and Pixel Gear and continue to release powerful brand new matches for PC, games and VR including moderate Tracer and Salary Man Escape.


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