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Ember is for the Children

Ember is for the Children

This is my EmberConf 2014 presentation.

DeVaris Brown

March 26, 2014

Other Decks in Programming


  1. HTML Basics • What is HTML? What is the DOM?

    • Basic site infrastructure • Markup fundamentals • Typography • Links, images, audio, video • Lists • Layout and positioning
  2. CSS Basics • What is CSS? • Selectors, properties, and

    values • CSS Frameworks(Bootstrap)
  3. JS Basics • Numbers, Strings and Operators • Variables, Arrays

    and Objects • Logic and Control Structures • Functions, Scope and Closures • DOM Traversal & Selection • Introduction to jQuery
  4. Michelle Accepted into San Jose State Resurrected the Computer Club

    Redeveloped the school website Taking AP CS Teaches web development classes at VYDC
  5. Rebecca and Kai Participated in Oakland Startup Weekend, Level the

    Coding Field, TC Hackathon Featured on CBS News Taking AP CS Teaching mobile app development using HTML5 & Ember