Reliably shipping containers in a resource rich world using Titan

57d490dbd122a839031cd17b9d0795da?s=47 Diptanu Choudhury
June 23, 2015

Reliably shipping containers in a resource rich world using Titan

Netflix has a complex microservices architecture that is operated in an active-active manner from multiple geographies on top of AWS. Amazon gives us the flexibility to tap into massive amounts of resources, but how we use and manage those is a constantly evolving and ever-growing task. We have developed Titan to make cluster management, application deployments using Docker and process supervision much more robust and efficient in terms of CPU/memory utilization across all of our servers in different geographies.
Titan, a combination of Docker and Apache Mesos, is an application infrastructure gives us a highly resilient and dynamic PAAS, that is native to public clouds and runs across multiple geographies. It makes it easy for us to manage applications in our complex infrastructure and gives us the ability to make changes in the IAAS layer without impacting developer productivity or sacrificing insight into our production infrastructure.


Diptanu Choudhury

June 23, 2015