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Spree Product Recommendations

420250f8607578bcf27f757d79dc4e5b?s=47 David Jones
February 26, 2014

Spree Product Recommendations


David Jones

February 26, 2014


  1. Spree Product Recommendations (No data scientists required!) By David Jones

    Resolve Digital - @d_jones
  2. Amazon’s sales jumped ~29% after adding recommendation features* *“Amazon's recommendation

    secret” David Jones, @d_jones
  3. Product Recommendations ✓ Better user experience ✓ More pages viewed

    per visitor ✓ Higher conversion rate ✓ Higher average order size ✓ Win-win for customers and store owners David Jones, @d_jones
  4. The problem ⨯ Requires a solid understanding about machine learning

    ⨯ You need a data scientist to run it ⨯ Out of reach for small/medium sized stores David Jones, @d_jones
  5. Prediction.IO ✓ Open Source ✓ Deploy yourself or instantly on

    Amazon’s Cloud ✓ Cheap to run (starts at $0.06/hr) ✓ Developer friendly API ✓ Easy to use admin UI David Jones, @d_jones
  6. ratings product views orders David Jones, @d_jones

  7. David Jones, @d_jones One important thing • Existing data is

    key: • Quality • Quantity • No existing data? Start logging data today, add recommendations later.
  8. Deploy Server

  9. David Jones, @d_jones

  10. David Jones, @d_jones

  11. David Jones, @d_jones

  12. Ruby SDK

  13. Thank you David Jones - @d_jones Talk to us

    about Spree Customizations