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Translation community Yakst

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October 14, 2016

Translation community Yakst



October 14, 2016


  1. Translation community Yakst doublemarket (@dblmkt)

  2. Do you know the amount of each language on the

    internet? 2
  3. Amount of each language From Wikipedia "Languages used on the

    Internet" 3
  4. I'm Japanese. How can I read articles written in ?

  5. Ways to read articles in English 1. Learn and read

    them in 2. (Someone) Translate them and read them in 5
  6. OK, I'll translate them and publish them on the internet.

  7. Yakst - yakst.com/ja 7

  8. Yakst - Translation community Want to read? You can: Request

    translating an article in to Read it in Japanese Want to translate? You can: Translate it into Japanese Review it Publish it 8
  9. Yakst - Published post 9

  10. Yakst - How popular it is 10

  11. Let's translate with us on Yakst! To increase the amount

    of information in Japanese To train your English skill To learn translation To contribute communities Contact @dblmkt if you have an interest 11