Bringing climate change into corporate boardrooms @ EcoHackSF

Bringing climate change into corporate boardrooms @ EcoHackSF



May 09, 2014


  1. It’s Happening. Here and Now. Bringing Climate Change into the

    Corporate Boardrooms of America
  2. Climate Change is a Business Risk

  3. From the supply chain to production & distribution Will Chipotle

    continue to make guacamole?
  4. Can Facebook Swim?

  5. Yet climate change is perceived as a something remote

  6. It’s happening to the others

  7. Or to charismatic megafauna

  8. But not to “us”

  9. How do we bring climate change home?

  10. There is no shortage of good data Quite the opposite...

  11. With a lot of technical date and modeling...

  12. But who has time to read all these reports?

  13. Oh, but what to do? • How do we make

    the available science... • Relevant? • User-friendly? • Business-oriented?
  14. The Project • Build a business climate risk calculator •

    Where are you located? • What do you do? • Get your Risk Score
  15. The data • National Climate Assessment (May 2014) • high-level

    (regional) data • or very granular, detailed data • Other data sources
  16. The Team • We need people who... • data

    and data visualization • ...are climate science wiz • ...can build a nifty UI
  17. Objectives • A workable prototype with at least a few

    impacts / sectors covered • Think about how to move the needle • Have fun!
  18. Why should you care? • If businesses understand that climate

    change can hurt them too, they might do something about it.
  19. About me • Climate change entrepreneur • Building tools to

    help businesses understand climate impacts • Develop adaptation strategies
  20. Let’s do it! Emilie Mazzacurati, Four Twenty Seven -

    415 420 0074