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Elastic Triangle Meetup with IBM

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February 16, 2017

Elastic Triangle Meetup with IBM

Thursday, February 16 at BCBSNC

Kibana Globalization

Adding globalization support to Kibana is a crucial capability which is necessary in all visualization dashboards. This talk will present the design, the road map of delivered and any pending parts, as well as the integration points for stakeholders. It is an exciting journey not to be missed in the growth of Kibana and the Elastic Stack.

Shikha is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and a Master Inventor at IBM. She is a lead Connect to Cloud architect where she brings her expertise in architecture, design, leadership towards collaboratively creating innovative pragmatic solutions that leads to enabling Hybrid solution for the clients.

Shikha has won awards in innovation and technical achievement. She enjoys leadership role focussed on making things happen and shipping. Shikha is a strong open source advocate focused on building simple tools.
She has worked with several clients across multiple industries including heath, insurance and finance. She has co-presented with client and BPs at conferences has also been invited as guest speaker at customer conferences

Shikha lives in Cary, NC with her husband and two son who manage to take up most of her 'free' time.
You can find her on
Twitter: https://twitter.com/shikhasthoughts
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/shikha-srivastava/5/9/64


Elastic Co

February 16, 2017


  1. 1 Localizing Kibana for the Global Language Landscape Shikha Srivastava,

    Senior Technical Staff Member IBM Thursday, Feb 16th 2017
  2. • Overview • Background • Design • Where we are

    at • Stakeholders • Questions Agenda 2
  3. • The ELK stack consists of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

    • end-to-end stack that delivers actionable insights in real time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source • Kibana is a Web UI for the Elastic stack not coded to support globalization and uses more than one front end technology • Kibana only renders text in english • Kibana globalization is the process of ENABLING Kibana To support OTHER languages in addition to English Overview 3
  4. • Globalization of its products is very important to IBM

    and its customers • IBM have offerings which leverage the Elastic stack • Identified globalization of Kibana as a core enhancement in 2016 • Empowered its engineers to become contributors in the Elastic open-source community • The journey began…. Background 4
  5. • Initially: Angular globalization framework (‘angular-translate’) consumes the translations directly

    • Re-think: agnostic service which is consumed rather than the translations directly • Globalization is not a feature, its core to architecture • Result: integrated framework for federation of multiple globalization frameworks: https://github.com/elastic/ kibana/issues/6515 • The advantages: • independent of the underlying UI frameworks and the subsequent globalization frameworks • facilitates a plug and play approach for language (i.e. no coding required) Design Journey 5
  6. • Phase1 • Core plug-in and localization engine to allow

    support for multiple languages • Rest apis to register translation, get supported languages,get the registered translation bundle • Prove the core plugin • https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/7545 • Phase 2 • Plain html view and angular based view use the gloabalization framework • https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/8766 • Phase 3 • Enable core Kibana UI for translation • Tool to generate the translation plugin • Tool to verify all translation identifiers has a corresponding translation Design Overview
  7. Where we are at 7 PHAS E DESCRIPTION STATUS PR

    1 Add integrated framework (i18n engine) Done- wohooo ☺ https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/ 7545 2 Enable AngularJS internationalization In progress https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/ 8766 3 Enable translations TODO TODO
  8. • The stakeholders of Kibana globalization are as follows •

    those that want to enable translation in existing Kibana plugins • those that want to contribute language packs to Kibana plugins • those that want to create a Kibana Plugin https://github.com/hickeyma/kibana/blob/e5b00ef996abfe29394a78aca57c904c0be9b6bd/docs/development/ plugin/development-internationalization.asciidoc Stakeholders and collaoration 8
  9. Backup