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The dyslexic programmer, creativity did not kill the cat

The dyslexic programmer, creativity did not kill the cat

Dyslexia is generally considered a disability, prejudices are always in place (they are slow and can not read or write). To be honest some of it is true but they have other qualities that make them excellent developers.
There A lot of misconceptions about dyslexia. Did you know that approximately 2 out of 10 persons are dyslexic? and 6 out of 10 do not even know it or are trying to hide it?

After a short introduction on what dyslexia actually is I will present you with some interesting facts that you probably did not know. From there on I take you on a ride into the mind of a dyslexic. His reading skills, the problems he faces and more important their perception of the world. The way that we perceive the world allows us to have a different look at anything we encounter. This different look is sometimes referred to as thinking outside the box.

At the end of the presentation, I hope that I reframed this perceived weakness as being a powerful tool. And some pointers on how to interact with us, it is not that different from any other person.

Pieter van der Meer

November 14, 2018

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  1. About me Me: Pieter van der Meer Personal: Father and

    Boyfriend of Dyslextics Profession: Data Engineer @ Dataworkz Advantages: Dyslexic, thinking outside the box Why: A lot of misconceptions about dyslexia Tycho van der Meer: Pieter van der Meer
  2. And 6 out of 10 try and hide it Albert

    Einstein: unknown 2 out of 10
  3. An experience font: danialbritton.info THIS TYPEFACE RECREATES THE FEELING OF

  4. dyslexia dɪsˈlɛksɪə/
 noun A general term for disorders that involve

    difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. Oxford Dictionary Alexander Graham Bell: unknown
  5. If its a disorder, • Why is 40% of all

    successful entrepreneurs a dyslexic • Unusual high rate of Dyslexic people in: Engineering, Science, Arts • To name a few: • Einstein • Steve Jobs • Richard Branson • Steven Speilberg • And many others • People in backgrounds are all well known dyslexics Tom Cruise: Frank Zauritz
  6. Disorder? Jennifer Aniston: Mario Testino • Phonological processing system •

    Procedural learning system and 
 procedural memory • Right v.s. Left side of the brain
  7. Difference Jennifer Aniston: Mario Testino • Phonological processing system •

    Procedural learning system and 
 procedural memory • Right v.s. Left side of the brain
  8. Dyslextics excel in: • Material Reasoning • Interconnected Reasoning •

    Narrative Reasoning • Dynamic Reasoning John Lennon: Getty Images
  9. View of the world “It’s as if people with dyslexia

    tend to use a wide-angle lens to take in the world,
 while others tend to use a telephoto, each is best at revealing different kinds of detail.” Sir. Richard Branson: Dan Taylor
  10. Strengths of a Dyslexic programmer • Interconnected reasoning • Narrative

    reasoning • Dynamic reasoning Keira Knightly: Gareth Cattermole
  11. My Strengths • Interconnected reasoning • Narrative reasoning • Communicate

    by means of drawings • Overview/relations • No nitty gritty details Arjan Ederveen: Rob Bogaerts
  12. Practical • IDE/Compiler 
 best spellchecker there is! • Small

    paragraphs • Lots of repetitions • Lots of tools available Steve Jobs: Rene Ritchie
  13. dyslexia 1. A learning advantage marked by the ability to

    recognize and comprehend complex visual patterns 2. The innate ability to see and understand visual information differently 3. The umbrella slang word for the general public’s inability to understand the complex and extraordinary thought process of multi- dimensional freethinking (freethinkers university) Alexander Graham Bell: unknown dɪsˈlɛksɪə/
  14. Closing statement: “A Dyslexic programmer will be an asset to

    your team because the way he/she reasons about the problem at hand” Jackie Steward: unknown
  15. End note: Pieter van der Meer http://elucidator.nl [email protected] “Everybody is

    a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”