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Analogues of the drug raltegravir interchangeable with effects on the body, containing one or more identical active substances are presented. When selecting synonyms, consider not only their Raltegravir cost but also the country of production and the manufacturer's reputation.

(Raltegravir) - Antiviral agent. Inhibits the catalytic activity of HIV integrase, an enzyme involved in viral replication. Inhibition of integrase prevents the covalent introduction of the HIV genome into the genome of the host cell in the early stages of infection. The HIV genomes not included in the human DNA are not capable of inducing the production of new virus particles, as a result, the process of integration is suppressed and the virus continues to spread in the body. The inhibitory ability of raltegravir in relation to human phosphotransferase, including DNA polymerases a, b and g, is slightly expressed.

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