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Testing Beyond Your Project

August 06, 2021

Testing Beyond Your Project


August 06, 2021

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  1. Testing Beyond your project Emna Ayadi @emna__ayadi SESSION August 2-7,

    2021 testinguy.org @testinguy | #testinguy
  2. Testing Consultant Blog: emnaayadi.com Testing Community @emna__ayadi Hola !! I’m

    Emna Ayadi Book Link: https://leanpub.com/_21stskills4testers
  3. @emna__ayadi What is the role activity of testers in an

    agile environment?
  4. @emna__ayadi

  5. What are the required skills for Testers? @emna__ayadi Technical Skills

    Unsplash @yomex4life Human Skills
  6. @emna__ayadi #21stSkills4Testers Critical Thinking Creativity Collaboration Communication

  7. @emna__ayadi

  8. Creative Thinking

  9. @emna__ayadi

  10. @emna__ayadi

  11. “Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any

    field” Continuous Learning
  12. @emna__ayadi ▪ Ask the right question to the customer ▪

    Improve communication with developer ▪ Customer centred approach to quality ▪ Guide your testing
  13. ▪ Read ▪ Contribute ▪ Initiate Viv Richards Stephan Kämper

    Maik Nogens Melissa Fisher @emna__ayadi
  14. ▪ Track your learning ▪ Share your ideas ▪ Connect

    with the testing « Blogger Club » @emna__ayadi
  15. ▪ Share and connect ▪ Learn from others ▪ Engage

    via Volleys @emna__ayadi Racket.com
  16. « I dedicate part of my time to learn dev

    (api, web, mobile), it helped me to identify errors or improvements, also it allows me to improve the communication with the dev team to explain possible causes and suggest the fix » Erick Raúl Ibarra Pérez Software Development Monitoring Architecture + Process @emna__ayadi
  17. Collaboration

  18. #TesterStory #TestingTour @emna__ayadi

  19. ▪ Collaboration ▪ Learn something new ▪ Provide useful feedback

  20. Join or create your community

  21. What is a community of Practice ? Practice CoP @emna__ayadi

  22. CoP can bring people together to talk and learn about

  23. Gamify your Testing https://emnaayadi.com/gamification-in-learning/

  24. Already doing Not often I don’t know @benlinders @emna__ayadi

  25. @emna__ayadi

  26. None
  27. @emna__ayadi

  28. Mindfulness Source: Getty Images

  29. @emna__ayadi ▪ Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations ▪

    Increasing imagination and creativity ▪ Increasing patience and tolerance
  30. Spécialiste des tests @emna__ayadi Adaptable Collaborative Facilitator & Coach T-Shaped

    Software Tester Highly motivated Good communicator Testing Generalist Creative Testing specialist
  31. @emna__ayadi @Dan Ashby “ Our ideas that we explore through

    questions will help us uncover more information. Information that will help us refactor the design (or plan) to make it better! ”
  32. Emna Ayadi August 2-7, 2021 testinguy.org | @testinguy | #testinguy

    Questions? Thanks! @emna__ayadi emnaayadi.com Emna Ayadi