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Social media and the social sciences

Social media and the social sciences

So what exactly does the Environmental Policy Group do with social media? Promote research, build an alumni network and engage with students.
Simon Bush presented some of our ever evolving strategies at a seminar today.


  1. Social media and the social sciences Confessions of a sceptic

    Simon Bush
  2. What made me (us) try it out? • Visibility in

    academia (increase citations?) • Build an alumni network • Improved contact with students • Extending news and events beyond academia
  3. Google scholar

  4. Twitter

  5. Facebook

  6. Facebook

  7. What do we post?

  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. None
  12. None
  13. Who ‘likes’ us?

  14. Building an audience

  15. Seeing our impact 447 – PhD graduation Environmental Policy group

  16. What kind of posts and when? Images from previous issues

    Maritime Studies
  17. None
  18. A personalised newspaper

  19. Goals achieved? • Results so far ... – Newsletter function

    for the group – Alumni network expanding – A personal newspaper (Filter: you are in control) • Notes: – Only 15 minutes a day – Not posting as myself!
  20. Problem solved? • What we are doing now ... –

    Targeting different groups – Posting what and when – Science vs. personal vs. conversations
  21. What are your experiences?