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EXTENT-2015: Hyper-Fast Trading

November 12, 2015

EXTENT-2015: Hyper-Fast Trading

Hyper-Fast Trading
Michael Villain, NanoSpeed
11 November 2015
Trading Technology Trends & Quality Assurance Conference in St. Petersburg


November 12, 2015

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  1. “NanoSpeed provides ultra-low latency FPGA hardware accelerated financial trading and

    risk-management systems that help comply with market rules & regulations” NanoSpeed Mission Statement © 2015 NanoSpeed
  2. NanoSpeed Executive background Highly experienced team in FinTech with aerospace

    heritage Experience in deployment of “life-critical” FPGA engine systems Designed nanosecond benchmark products used by HFTs in EUR, US and APAC Deep understanding of algo trading/risk for Primes, Props, Automated MM, Marketplaces. © 2015 NanoSpeed
  3. The Lowest latency available Tick-to-trade sub 1.3 micro Algo-to-wire 750

    nanos Wire-to-wire sub 450 nanos 100% Deterministic performance Zero jitter Vs software High throughput 2M msgs/sec NanoSpeed : the HFT “enhancer” © 2015 NanoSpeed
  4. Why NanoSpeed ? Experts in FPGA Hardware Acceleration Increased Message

    Processing Safeguard Risk Checks/Kill Switches (60 nanos) Market Data gateways, Book Building, Trading Gateways Deterministic Matching Engines Delivering Reduced TCO Mitigated delivery risk Time to market © 2015 NanoSpeed
  5. NanoSpeed : Risk Checks at near Zero latency © 2015

    NanoSpeed Ultra-low latency Flexible Bespoke Scalable MiFiD II and SEC 15c3-5 (market access rule)
  6. Nasdaq OMX Nasdaq New York, Boston, PHLX Nasdaq OMX Nordic,

    Baltic NLX (FI Rates) SGX Singapore ASX Australia SIX Swiss exchange Borsa Istanbul CME Group CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, KCBOT BM&F Bovespa Brazil BMD, DME, MexDer CBOE Eurex T7 Eurex Frankfurt BSE LSE London Stock Exchange Turquoise, JSE FX Markets EBS, Currenex, Hotspot JPX Group (OSE) ICE (US & ICE Futures Europe) NYSE (Arca) BATS (US and BATS Options) © 2015 NanoSpeed Key: GREEN Available ORANGE To be released shortly NanoSpeed : 100% FPGA TGs
  7. NanoSpeed’s FPGA Benefits Ultra-fast FPGA leverages your Algos DMA Safeguards

    – Effective Risk Management Pre-trade (Reg & bespoke) Facilitates cost reduction (lower footprint Vs CPU) from 10 KW to 35 W / FPGA card from 8 servers to 1 Enhance your Market Data, in-line Risk and Trading/Marketplace infrastructure © 2015 NanoSpeed
  8. NanoSpeed Technologies Ltd Contact Us +44 (0) 207 096 0724

    @ [email protected] Head Office: 5 St. John's Lane, London, EC1M 4BH Development Centre: Devonshire House, Manor Way, Borehamwood, London, WD6 1QQ © 2015 NanoSpeed