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Frameless Shower Screens

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August 26, 2013

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens do no only look good, they are sturdy too. So if you are designing your bathroom and looking for such screens, you should choose to go for ezyglide.com.au.



August 26, 2013

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  1. Ezy Glide Shower Screens P/L ABN: 88 002 067 674

    LIC: R90819Q Address: 56 French Street, Kogarah, NSW, 2207 Phone: 9587-6077 Fax: 9587-6277 For Supply Only - Please call, fax or use our sales contact form to send your specifications for free a quote. Shower Screens Frameless Semi Frameless Mycro Frameless Perimeter Profile Framed Information Our Showroom Glass Types Available Colours Glass Cutouts Mirrors Hardware / Fittings FAQ's Home About Ezy Glide Shower Screens Mirrors Hardwar e Contact Us Home FRAMELESS SHOWER SCREENS CONTACT US Factory Trading Hours: Monday-Friday: 7.30am to 3.30pm Saturday: 8am to 12pm Showroom Trading Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am to 4.45pm Saturday: 8am to 12pm Tips To Install Modern Shower Screens Sydney Bathroom is one area in your home where you clean up and groom yourself. You take care of all your personal needs here. Therefore it is important to maintain that area and add functionality to it. When renovating your bathroom, make sure you add shower screens which are modern looking and really innovative. These screens create an illusion or more space in your bathroom, and make it airier. The trend of installing shower screens Sydney has even become really popular these days. However there are a few things which have to be kept in mind when installing frameless of frameless shower screens in your bathroom. First thing that you need to pay attention to when interested in installing shower screens is checking the door space. You need to have an idea about the size of your shower as well as the space around the shower before installing shower screen in your bathroom. Floor space plays a significant role in determining the type of shower screen door. If your bathroom has a lot of door space, then you can even go for doors which open on both sides. Unobtrusive sliding doors work best for the bathrooms that do not have minimal space. Bi-fold shower door is also a good option for bathrooms that don’t have much space. Another thing to keep in mind when planning to install shower screens Sydney is size of the bathroom. Clear glass is perfect for bathrooms that are compact and small. Tinted and frosted panes work best for the bathrooms that are quite spacious. Frameless shower screens are best for the bathrooms that don’t have much space. You also have to see the level of privacy that you expect in your bathroom when willing to setup shower screens. Clear glass panes don’t offer any privacy at all. While tinted or frosted shower screens offer more ease. In frosted shower screens, two people can easily use the bathroom at the same time. Lastly, for choosing shower screens, you have to consider an important factor in mind and that is the ease of maintenance. Frameless screens are easiest to clean as the soap cannot accumulate in them. However frosted screens require certain amount of cleaning. Shower screens can practically add functionality to your spaces, and can offer the attractive look your bathroom. But keep these things in your mind before singling out on a particular shower screen. Ezyglide.com.au has a lot of information about frameless shower screens. Ezyglide shares a few tips about installing shower screens Sydney. For more Information visit our website: www.ezyglide.com.au