Systematic error management - we ported rudder to zio

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October 30, 2019

Systematic error management - we ported rudder to zio

This talk was given at ScalaIO 2019.
It explains how you can manage errors in a systematic way in your applications, and show how we did it in Rudder with the functional library ZIO.

It presents 4 big principles which direct my devloper job:
- 1/ Our work as developers is to discover and assess failure modes.
- 2/ ERRORS are a SOCIAL construction to give AGENCY to the receiver of the error.
- 3/ An application has always at least 3 kinds of users: users; devs; and ops. Don’t forget any.
- 4/ It’s YOUR work to choose the SEMANTIC between nominal case and error and KEEP your PROMISES.

The talk gives 5 guidelines to help you implement these principles. It also introduces a very light glimpse on system thinking that you can explore in more details in the related article "Understand things as interacting systems":

If you have any questions, please ask: there is several way to contact me at the end of the deck (slide 87)!



October 30, 2019