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Finta body (left or right)> Joystick left / right right (move) Bike (left or right)> Joystick right up, Diag. Izda. up, left / up, Diag. Right. Up, Right Bike reverse (left or right)> Joystick left right, Diag. Izda. up, up / right, Diag. Right. Up, Up Drag Ball (left or right)> Right Joystick Left / Right (hold) Drag back (static)> R1 + left stick down (move)
Jump ball (static)> R3 (press) Dragging ball court, left > Joystick right right (hold), Joystick left left (hold) Drag ball court, right > Joystick left right (hold), joystick right left (hold) from heel to heel > right stick up, down (move) Hat simple espuela > right stick down, up, up (move) Hat advanced espuela > right Joystick down (move) up (keep) up ( move) Finta from the left and exit on the right > Joystick right turn 180 degrees from left bottom to right Finta by right and exit on the left > Joystick right turn 180 degrees from right bottom to left turn left > right Joystick left diagonal down, diagonal down left turn right > Joystick right diagonal right down, diagonal right down stop and turn, left / right (in the race)> Joystick up right, left (move) / up, right (move). FIFA 17 Hack Points| Triche FIFA 17


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