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The AsyncAPI specification [Nordic APIs 2018]

The AsyncAPI specification [Nordic APIs 2018]

Slides from my talk at Nordic APIs 2018.


Fran Méndez

October 24, 2018


  1. Photo by Drew Graham AsyncAPI specification

  2. Fran Méndez A little bit about me Twitter @fmvilas Email

    fmvilas@gmail.com Photo by Eva Morcillo
  3. Show, don’t tell.

  4. AsyncAPI What is it?

  5. None
  6. It is a specification With it you can describe: Event-driven

    microservices IoT APIs …and actually pretty much any system that is based on messages. Photo by Louis Smith
  7. It does NOT enforce any particular protocol However, it cares

    about the protocol because we think it’s an important information. AMQP MQTT WebSockets Kafka Photo by Axel Antas Bergkvist We’re exploring… Google PubSub CoAP NATS
  8. It is NOT a library nor a software However, tooling

    is provided: Documentation generators Code generators What will you create next? Photo by Barn Images
  9. AsyncAPI Why should you use it?

  10. AsyncAPI could be a software but what really matters is

    the language, because it defines how we communicate. Language It’s a basic pilar of communication Photo by Gonard Fluit By defining a common language everybody can easily create interoperable tools, services or even products.
  11. You can describe your APIs using both, JSON and YAML.

    Human/Machine It’s human and machine friendly. Humans can use GUIs for a more intuitive and accessible way of creating the AsyncAPI files. Photo by Alex Knight
  12. API Lifecycle Take control of your API lifecycle. Photo by

    Boris Smokrovic Design Documentation Code Generation Testing API management Monitoring
  13. Check out our repositories on Github: https://www.github.com/asyncapi Community-driven It’s open-source,

    it has always been open- source and it will always be open source. Photo by William White
  14. AsyncAPI How to get started?

  15. Photo by João Silas Tooling & Products editor.asyncapi.org Online Editor

    www.github.com/asyncapi Generators (code & docs)
  16. Photo by João Silas Documentation & Help www.github.com/asyncapi/asyncapi Specification documentation

    www.asyncapi.org Website async-apis-slack.herokuapp.com Slack (auto-invite)
  17. AsyncAPI is supported by And the list is growing!

  18. Thank you. Twitter @fmvilas Email fmvilas@gmail.com www.asyncapi.org