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Past, Present, and Future of AsyncAPI

Past, Present, and Future of AsyncAPI

In this talk, Fran will tell us about the early days of AsyncAPI, how it all started, and will also offer his insights and plans for the near future. Exciting announcements ahead, don't miss it!


Fran Méndez

April 22, 2020


  1. Building the future of event-driven architectures. Past, Present, and Future

  2. Fran Méndez A little bit about me Twitter @fmvilas Email

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  7. 7 A NEW HOME Joining a neutral home We’ll join

    a neutral home, e.g., CNCF, OpenAPI Initiative, Linux Foundation, etc.
  8. 8 TOOLING MATURITY JS Parser and Generator Make sure the

    JS Parser and the Generator reach v1.0.0 as soon as possible.
  9. 9 SPECIFICATION AsyncAPI specification 2.1.0 We’ll release v2.1.0 of the

    AsyncAPI specification.
  10. 10 IDE SUPPORT Better in-editor support We’ll release VS Code

    and IntelliJ IDEA extensions/plugins to aid the user in their favourite environment.
  11. 11 DOCUMENTATION High-quality documentation We’ll create high-quality documentation including tutorials,

    online courses, and webinars.
  12. 12 TEAM TOOLING Tooling to easily collaborate with your team

    Building stuff is nice. Creating outstanding company-wide experiences is awesome!
  13. hub Introducing Go!

  14. Thank you