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AsyncAPI Initiative

AsyncAPI Initiative

Slides from my talk at API Specifications Conference 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.


Fran Méndez

October 16, 2019


  1. Building the future of event-driven architectures.

  2. Hola… Twitter @fmvilas Email fmvilas@gmail.com My name is Fran Méndez.

    I’m the creator of AsyncAPI.
  3. The specification With it you can describe Event-driven microservices IoT

    APIs …and actually pretty much any system that is based on messages. Photo by Louis Smith Streaming APIs
  4. Protocol-agnostic However, it cares about the protocol because we think

    it’s an important information. AMQP MQTT WebSockets Kafka Photo by Axel Antas Bergkvist And any protocol you want to use… NATS HTTP STOMP JMS
  5. Demo time!

  6. Streetlights Entities or Services: 1. Streetlight 2. Control Panel Interactions:

    • Streetlights send information about lighting conditions. • Control Panel should be able to turn on/off streetlights.
  7. Tooling Open source tools Documentation generators (HTML, Markdown, React, …)

    Code generators (JS, Go, Java, Python, …) Online playground playground.asyncapi.org Photo by Barn Images
  8. API Lifecycle Take control of your API lifecycle. Photo by

    Boris Smokrovic Design Documentation Code Generation Testing API management Monitoring
  9. Check out our repositories on Github: github.com/asyncapi Community It’s open-source,

    it has always been open-source and it will always be open source and community-driven. Photo by William White Support us on OpenCollective: opencollective.com/asyncapi Join us on Slack: asyncapi.com/slack-invite
  10. Gracias! Twitter @AsyncAPISpec Website asyncapi.com