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It's a somewhat breezy night down within West Village, but Milo Z is heating things up at The Red Lion. People are tapping their feet and bopping their heads to the funky groove rhythms how the band is kicking. Some are left standing at the bar, no room to take a seat. But they generally appreciate the songs more compared to what any seat could bargain.

"Have you seen duvet cover off of Jay-Z's new cd?" he asks. "It's a pile of music instruments and all of them are painted creamy colored. I'm not with very." He explains that as he was growing up, when an child was killed from a bicycle accident they would spray paint the bicycle white in memory in the deceased little princess. His interpretation then, with the artwork from the Blueprint 3 is that Jay-Z's pronouncing the element of live instrumentation dead. Milo Z doesn't agree.

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