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I first saw the prefix when I was 4 years old from some random acquaintances. It was the original sega genesis with sonic 3d blast game. This thing made a cosmic impression on me, I still remember how I pressed the reset button and "broke" everything.

3 years have passed and 1998 has come, and with it the school time. For good grades I was given 4 and 5 rubles each and, having accumulated a substantial amount for good academic performance, I finally bought myself a treasured thing - the prefix dendy. The set included a cartridge for 9999 games, as well as a light gun. The large color TV was constantly busy, so I was given an old black and white box, which later burned down.

Once a hurricane swept over our city and knocked down all the antennas on the roofs. The TV showed white noise, and the set-top box had already broken down by that time, out of boredom I got into the settings and turned on the automatic frequency search, there was only one channel on which, to my surprise, someone was playing games! The picture was black and white and with strong interference, and the player turned out to be stupid and was constantly dying. Later I realized that the player was not there, but a demo of each game in the list was just automatically launched.

At the beginning of the 2000s, when the whole world was switching to Friv Games, our province had just switched to sega mega drive 2. Basically, everyone went to each other to play the local cooperative MK3, zombies ate my neighbors, etc. etc.

We bought games mainly in stalls with all sorts of cables and consoles. Some traded in "exchange": they bought the game, changed the payment in it and handed it back. In this dishonest way, it was possible to get two good games for the price of one.

In parallel with the arrival of shogi in our homes, the first computer salon appears in the city. An hour of play cost only 7 rubles. Needless to say, we spent all our pocket money there, playing counter, halva and GTA 3.

The first salon was very quickly marginalized, there they began to arrange showdowns and throw honest guys for money. Fortunately for us, a new salon was opened, where they kept order, but an hour of play was already more expensive.

At this time, slot machine booths began to appear everywhere (where it was necessary to throw 5 rubles), for boys without special complexes it was the only opportunity to earn money in the summer, because we did not have any part-time jobs for schoolchildren. The scheme was quite simple, the mechanism for accepting coins loosened after some time and the five-ruble note sometimes fell back, becoming to the throwing edge. The person left, and we appropriated this coin to ourselves or threw it in the hope of winning.

The most lucrative place was near the booth with 4 receivers, in which the changer sat. Drunken individuals often came there after payday, and we kindly imposed ourselves as assistants. With a friend, we ran to change bills and kindly threw coins into different receivers, pocketing part of the winnings for ourselves. Once, with the edge of a coin dropped out, we managed to win as many as 100 dimes, for which the first dvd player was bought. At this, the era of gambling addiction in our city ended, having lasted less than a year.

At the beginning of 2004, I also had a computer "for study". It was a seleron with 256MB of RAM and a video card GeForce FX 5200. The era of real nerdiness had come, some of my friends poured down at 6 am to play for an hour before school. All free time was spent on this noisy box, and money was converted into pirate double-sided blanks, magazines "Igromania" and "Country of Games". The scheme of buying two pirated discs for the price of one has not gone anywhere.

After some time, it let go, people began to go out into the street, interest in the opposite sex outweighed interest in Friv games.


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