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Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community - Northeast PHP 2015

August 22, 2015

Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community - Northeast PHP 2015


August 22, 2015


  1. Stronger Than Fear
 Mental Health in the Developer Community Ed

    Finkler • @funkatron • funkatron.com/osmi Northeast PHP Conference 2015 • #osmi #nephp
  2. Who I am

  3. An informal survey

  4. My diagnoses

  5. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  6. Adult ADHD

  7. Meds I take

  8. Lexapro Buspar Strattera Klonopin

  9. I see a therapist

  10. Feeling alone/unlike anyone else

  11. I'm broken and I will never be right

  12. How it affects us

  13. 1 in 5

  14. Level of disability

  15. Disease burden

  16. Economic Cost http://www.fccmh.org/resources/docs/EconomicBurdenofMentalIllness.pdf ๏ Mental health conditions are the second

    leading cause of workplace absenteeism ๏ Workers w/ depression lose 5.6 hrs/week
 Workers w/o depression lose 1.5 hrs/week ๏ Depression: $43.7 billion in absenteeism from work (200m days lost), lost productivity & direct treatment
  17. Mental Health in Tech Survey Results US Non-self employed only;

    as of 9/13/2014 http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  18. http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog Do you feel that your employer takes mental health

    as seriously as physical health?
  19. Do you think that discussing a health issue with your

    employer would have negative consequences? Mental Physical http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  20. Would you bring up a health issue with a potential

    employer in an interview? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog Mental Physical
  21. Do you know the options for mental health care your

    employer provides? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  22. Does your employer provide resources to learn more about mental

    health issues and how to seek help? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  23. Is your anonymity protected if you choose to take advantage

    of mental health or substance abuse treatment resources? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  24. Don't know Very easy Somewhat easy Somewhat difficult Very difficult

    How easy is it for you to take medical leave for a mental health condition? http://j.mp/osmisurveyblog
  25. Sick workers don’t work

  26. 41%

  27. 8 years

  28. Making your workplace safe

  29. 1. Get Buy-In From C-level

  30. 2. Mental Health First Aid mentalhealthfirstaid.org info@mentalhealthfirstaid.org 202.684.3736 All supervisors/managers

  31. 3. Know Local Resources nami.org mentalhealthamerica.net

  32. 4. Know Your Coverage

  33. 5. Actively Engage and Educate Awareness • Resources • Promotion

    of Wellness mhprompt.org
  34. Open Sourcing Mental Illness 2015 GOAL $5000 Time to goal

    2 hours Total raised $13,600 j.mp/osmi2015
  35. I need your help. Talk. Share. Learn. Donations: j.mp/osmi2015 Videos,

    Slides, Resources: funkatron.com/osmi
  36. Thank you Camille Wilson Johanna Wu Geri Coady Jennifer Akullian

    and so many more…
  37. THE WALL OF AWESOME Brian Wisti R J de la

    Fuente Spencer Hoyt Ted M Young Diana Espino Justin Carmony Tyler Mincey A forsstrom Brion Vibber Matthew R Sparks Scott Arciszewski Adam Jenkins Alexandra H. Johnson Brian Moon Kevin Makice Jake Smith Justin T Yost Kristopher Plunkett daniel d beil Andrew L Cassell Jean Soderkvist Cameron Koczon Michael Beckwith Chris Tickner Joel A Rasmus Karen J Demerly Lisa Brewster Cresta L Cates Daniel Joye Mr Am Clyde Henning Glatter-Gotz Davi M Moreira Stephen Sauceda Daryl J Chymko Timothy H Lieberman Philippe Beaudoin Evangelo S Prodromou Sharon J Cichelli Sean R Reid Nicolas Rosental FJ de Jonge John P Betley Jordan Burke Sally Lehman Chris G Smith Sean Foran Elizabeth Naramore Benjamin J Cotton Miss Laura Sanders Mr R A Stringer Mike Hall Richard Stewart M.R.Hartley Bram Van der Sype Ryan S Adams Jason Charnes Evan Coury Matthew S Perkins Derrick Snyder Mark Forscher Chris Shiflett William Golden Joel Perras Derick E Bailey Joe Kline Maggie Longshore Pradeep Krishnan Broc Seib Jacques Woodcock Kara Ferguson CA Hoult Vanessa Hurst Colin O'Dell M D C Pepper Patrick Allan Alice Carback Jose Diaz-Gonzalez Jad Bitar Nicholas C Duvieilh Larry E Masters David Skinner Mark Shannon Story Christopher W Brescia Mr Jeremy Burns Chris Greene William Sonnenreich Cory Fowler Nima Nekoui Juan R Basso Rodriguez Urdaneta Justin T Yost
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