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How We Changed The World With Open Source - WordCampMSP 17

How We Changed The World With Open Source - WordCampMSP 17


August 04, 2017

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  1. How We Changed The World With Open Source WordCamp Minneapolis

    2017 Ed Finkler • @funkatron • @osmihelp
  2. Grumpy Funky

  3. devhell.info

  4. May 2012

  5. June 18, 2012

  6. “I simply wanted to write and say that I have

    never been able to put into words how I feel as well as you all did.”
  7. “I find it jaw dropping how casual and straightforward you

    are about discussing this stuff. I don't talk about it with anyone.”
  8. “It really sucks to have a brain that wants to

    continually sabotage you and keeps you from reaching your potential. Just know there are millions, and I do mean millions of people, that understand what you go through.”
  9. February 15, 2013

  10. “Knowing I’m not alone.”

  11. “…if I can help them know they’re not alone, it’s

    worth it.”
  12. “If I can help people understand what it’s like for

    people who struggle with this, it’s worth it.”
  13. “In my community, the Open Source community, I think I

    can help. So I’m going to try.”
  14. Open Sourcing Mental Illness

  15. 2013

  16. Fundraiser in Feb

  17. Goal $3,000 Time To Goal 19 hours Raised $5,480

  18. 8 talks

  19. 2014

  20. No fundraiser - Prompt

  21. 14 talks

  22. “I see the problem; how do I fix it?”

  23. Mental Health In Tech Survey

  24. 2015

  25. None
  26. Fundraiser in June

  27. Goal $5,000 Time To Goal 2 hours Raised $14,975

  28. 12 talks

  29. Handbooks and help

  30. 2016

  31. Fundraiser in June

  32. Goal $10,000 Time To Goal 72 hours Raised $22,481

  33. 14 talks

  34. Volunteers

  35. Formed a non-profit corp in Indiana

  36. Granted 501(c)(3) status 3 weeks after filing

  37. E-books of handbooks New 2016 survey Took over OSMI Forums

    Created video presentation Inroads into mental health pros
  38. 2017

  39. Goal $50,000 Raised $59,977

  40. Why “Open Source?”

  41. “Where’s the code?”

  42. Open source culture, open source community, is not about code

  43. It’s about learning and sharing together

  44. It’s about growing together

  45. It’s about open arms and open minds

  46. An open hand to help the next person pull themselves

  47. Nothing I have ever done felt as good as helping

    other people
  48. Not without Grumpy

  49. We make the world we live in

  50. We have great power and influence in the lives around

  51. What world will you make?

  52. Ed Finkler Founder Open Sourcing Mental Illness OSMIHelp.org @OSMIhelp @funkatron