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How We Changed The World With Open Source - WordCampMSP 17

How We Changed The World With Open Source - WordCampMSP 17


August 04, 2017

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  1. How We Changed The World With Open Source WordCamp Minneapolis

    2017 Ed Finkler • @funkatron • @osmihelp
  2. “I simply wanted to write and say that I have

    never been able to put into words how I feel as well as you all did.”
  3. “I find it jaw dropping how casual and straightforward you

    are about discussing this stuff. I don't talk about it with anyone.”
  4. “It really sucks to have a brain that wants to

    continually sabotage you and keeps you from reaching your potential. Just know there are millions, and I do mean millions of people, that understand what you go through.”
  5. “If I can help people understand what it’s like for

    people who struggle with this, it’s worth it.”
  6. “In my community, the Open Source community, I think I

    can help. So I’m going to try.”
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