UX - Increase usability of your apps.

UX - Increase usability of your apps.

Presentation I did at Mumbai Flutter 2020 BootUp


Roshan Singh

January 18, 2020


  1. UX Research : Increase usability of your app. @thisisroshans roshan-singh.web.app

  2. My Name is Roshan Singh. I am a mobile app

    developer. I work as a Lead Flutter Dev. at Neolite Infotech. and have founded Lillie Mountain. When I’m not working , you will find me mentor people and playing Pokémon Go. Down for chai pe charcha post this talk.
  3. Toh Scene kya hai?

  4. None
  5. App Stores are plagiarised, falsely advertised and monetization first- everybody

    wants to go viral.
  6. What is the problem ?

  7. User!=first, your clients want you to make an app for

    them/their business.
  8. Why should it bother you? It results in business driven

    app. Targets everyone and reaches no one. Makes your brand look greedy than helpful.
  9. What are we supposed to do now? Make apps :)

  10. Make apps by keeping users first. by listening to them.

    rinse repeat.
  11. Attributes of a usable app Contextual Focused to the primary

    feature Human !=Robot Don’t sell your user
  12. Guidelines for building a usable app Listen to your users

    Always be open to changes Happy to help Be Selfless
  13. Shukriya Go make apps and tell me how you did

    it? @thisisroshans