What to Look For In A Gaming Headset


Being an avid gamer I know how important it is to have a good gaming headset. But, If you are a noob and don't what to look before buying a gaming headset or also if you are a pro gamer today you will learn something new.

Doesn't matter how much you spend to build your gaming PC. If you really want to enjoy ultimate gaming experience playing games on your high-end PC then you must have a good quality gaming headset.

Now the question is what makes a headset quality and best. Well, today I in this ultimate gaming headset buying guide I will you the most important aspects that you must look before selecting a gaming headset.

Headphone VS Headset

When I first time bought a gaming headset for PC gaming, I was confused. Whether should I choose headset or Headphone. Like me, I pretty sure you are also confused. Most of the peoples don't know the actual difference between headset vs headphone. Headset basically has the built-in microphone and headphone doesn't have a built-in microphone.

Things You Must Look For While Buying A Gaming Headset

So, guys now let me share with you few points that you should care about.

1. Open vs Closed back

The first things you have to decide whether you want open back headset or closed back. The closed-back headset is best than the open back. I prefer closed back headset because you can't hear any noise. So, if you are looking for a good headset with noise cancellation feature then I would say closed-back would be perfect for you.

2. Wired vs Wireless Headsets

Now, decide you want wired headset or wireless headset. I prefer wired headset. But it's total up to you. Both types of the headset have advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for the wired headset then double check the cable quality and cable length.

3. Built-in Microphone

Now, make sure the headset that you are going to buy has an in built-microphone. Without a microphone, you can't talk to your teammate while playing games. Almost all gaming headset has built-in microphone.

4. Durability

You should also look for the headset durability. It's a most important factor. Most of the newbie never look for the quality and durability. they just look the headset design. But, if you want to use the headset for a long time then you must check durability and built quality.

5. Budget

At last, you should consider your budget. Decide how much you can spend or you have. In my opinion, you can easily get good quality gaming headset with price range below 100. But, if you want to spend more and don't have any limit on a budget then you can buy a higher quality headset. I never spend more than 100 dollars for a gaming headset.

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