Get Rid of Pimples


For those who suffer from pimple are stubborn below step removes stubborn pimple that you can try:

Ice cubes act to increase blood flow to the area around the pimple and helps minimize pores on the skin, killing the bacteria that cause pimple, get rid of the dirt on the skin and get rid of the excess oil on the skin menumpuh.

How To Overcome pimple With Ice Cube

Provide ice cubes to taste
Wrap a clean piece of cloth
Paste in the area of ​​facial pimple by way of equitable
Hold for a few minutes and remove when it can not help feeling the chill
Always repeat the process many times over about 10-20 times
Do this regularly until the pimple actually recovered

Honey is mmeiliki many properties and health benefits for the body that can not be doubted. Honey also contains antibiotics that are so high. Honey can avoid spreading infection that causes pimple meradangnya.

How to Eliminate pimple Using Honey

Provide natural honey (not honey production factory)
Give pimple using a cotton
Let stand 25-35 minutes
Clean the faces using clean water afterwards
Do it regularly to get the maximum results

One of the fruits that contain vitamin C is so high is
lemon. Lemon so good when used to cure pimple, lemon can reduce pimple quickly. But the need to remember is to use fresh lemon and the move may just not fit for sensitive skin.

How To Cure pimple Using Lemon

Provide 1-2 fresh lemons
Squeeze the lemon and store water in containers
Basuhkan lemon water in facial pimple wear cotton
Do this on a regular basis evening before bed time

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