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Perl and Scientific Programming: A panel discussion

by gizmomathboy

Published June 25, 2014 in Programming

Perl and Scientific Programming: A panel discussion

Estimated talk length: 50 minutes

Panel Chair: Joe Kline

Panel members: current pool of which 3-4 empaneled
Joel Berger - Keynote Speaker YAPC::Brazil 2013
appearing virtually
Jay Hannah - Lapsed BioPerl abuser.
Lord of Fire, Emeritus
Walter Mankowski - Postdoctoral researcher, Bioimage Lab, Drexel University
Dana Jacobsen - Senior Software Engineer at Rentrak

A brief introduction of panel members followed by some topics (see following), with some free form questions and answers with the audience.

Panel topics:
Members will discuss their use of Perl in their scientific endeavors. How it was used in the past and how it might be used in the future.

Also, how one might leverage Perl's strengths and mitigate its weakness in scientific programming.