A designer walks into a library…

A designer walks into a library…

It sounds like the start of one of those jokes that rely on professional stereotypes, doesn't it? But, I was actually hired by Cambridge University Library to establish a design practice and run an innovation programme within the Library. I had stepped (mostly deliberately) into a complex context where the traditional models of publishing, education and librarianship are being disrupted.

In this talk, I share some of the human-centred design techniques we have been employing in Cambridge University Libraries to involve library users and librarians in collaborative innovation. These include design research, sketch hacks, design jams and innovation labs.

I also reflect on the successes and the lessons I have learned from bringing design practice and applying design thinking in a library context.

Originally presented at i2c2 in Manchester on Thursday, 7 March 2014.


Paul-Jervis Heath

March 06, 2014