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Jeff Hinkle is the co-founder of a successful firm called Great Plains. Jeff graduated from the College of Texas at Arlington with a major in money, and he has been functioning as a business owner for over one decade. He started out by starting his very own firm, which was then acquired by Great Plains to become its most recent subsidiary.

He believes that entrepreneurship can be learned through reading publications and also adhering to leading entrepreneurs on social media sites to comprehend their thought process much better. His favorite publication is "The Entrepreneur Roller Rollercoaster" by Darren Hardy because it helped him discover exactly how to take care of the ups and downs of being a business owner.

He additionally enjoys investing his riches back right into start-up firms that are revolutionizing industries such as medical care, property, and also renewable energy. His business spirit led him to begin his own firm which he has grown into among the largest oilfield solution firms in The United States and Canada.

He presently serves on the Board of Supervisors for 2 major companies and also talk to companies looking to enhance their productivity through improved processes or cost decrease strategies. Jeff Hinkle brilliant blog 5930

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