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My palm is now fully inside her panties having shoved them aside, and two of my fingers swim around the dripping entrance to her vagina from behind. My other hand has pushed aside the bra cup and released her small but firm breast and I am about to bend my head lower to her chest and take the large protruding nipple into my mouth pornsiteslist She has small areola and nipples that occupy most of the rough surface, standing erect and firm. Her hand has got a grip around my massive erection and is drawing it upright, flattened against my abdomen. The top half of my cock is now out of the waistband and I need to unbutton the constricting top of my denims I am suddenly pulled out of my feverish state of heightened arousal by the sound of my doorbell, penetrating the libidinous fog that has surrounded me in the last fifteen minutes. "Ignore it", I whisper through the sultry breathing of our hot-blooded passion, urging Lien to continue her manipulations.

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