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CAOS 2015 Summer: Introducing STF (Smartphone Test Farm)

CAOS 2015 Summer: Introducing STF (Smartphone Test Farm)

Open-sourcing Smartphone Test Farm

Gunther Brunner

July 07, 2015

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  1. Only 7 different iOS smartphones worldwide iPhone 6 Plus iPhone

    6 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPod Touch 5G
  2. Physically test each device at your desk And ask someone

    to lend you the specific device you want to test
  3. Navigation • Open URLs in any browser • Shows a

    realtime list of installed browsers
  4. App Upload • Drag & Drop .APK files • Upload

    and Install in 1 step • Choose Activity to launch
  5. Copy & Paste • Copy and Paste to and from

    the device • Any language supported
  6. Remote Debug • Debug remotely as if the device was

    plugged into your computer • Android Studio, Eclipse support • Chrome DevTools, Firefox, and anything that can connect with ADB
  7. Hardware Details • Show hardware spec details • Battery health,

    temperature, voltage, Carrier, SIM info, Phone Number, Display, Network, OS details
  8. Remote control even from your iPhone • Control Android from

    your own iOS/Android device directly • Supports multitouch up to 10 fingers
  9. Creating your own Devices Farm • Buy a USB hub

    • Connect your own Android devices
  10. Installing (Mac OS X) • Install ADB • Install dependencies

    • Install STF brew install node rethinkdb graphicsmagick zeromq protobuf npm install -g stf Included in Android SDK Tools / Android Studio
  11. Running on a LAN (the easy way) • Run RethinkDB

    • Run STF • Assuming your ip is any other machine will be able to access STF via stf local —-public-ip rethinkdb