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CAOS 2015 Summer: Introducing STF (Smartphone Test Farm)

CAOS 2015 Summer: Introducing STF (Smartphone Test Farm)

Open-sourcing Smartphone Test Farm

Gunther Brunner

July 07, 2015

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  1. 2015 SUMMER #caos2015

  2. Günther Brunner @gunta85 Smartphone Test Farm 2015 SUMMER #caos2015 Simo

    Kinnunen @sorrcu
  3. Most painful point in mobile development right now

  4. Debugging iOS devices

  5. Only 7 different iOS smartphones worldwide iPhone 6 Plus iPhone

    6 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPod Touch 5G
  6. Debugging Android devices Solving the big picture

  7. More than 377 Android devices in Japan

  8. More than 18796 Android devices worldwide

  9. Physically test each device at your desk And ask someone

    to lend you the specific device you want to test
  10. Charge - Learn the device

  11. –STF “Life is too short to wait for a test

  12. None
  13. Remotely test every device from your browser

  14. Remotely test every device from your browser

  15. Features

  16. Navigation • Open URLs in any browser • Shows a

    realtime list of installed browsers
  17. Take Screenshots • Take screenshots • Resize in realtime •

    Share the screenshot URL
  18. App Upload • Drag & Drop .APK files • Upload

    and Install in 1 step • Choose Activity to launch
  19. Copy & Paste • Copy and Paste to and from

    the device • Any language supported
  20. App Shortcuts • Most used shortcuts

  21. Remote Debug • Debug remotely as if the device was

    plugged into your computer • Android Studio, Eclipse support • Chrome DevTools, Firefox, and anything that can connect with ADB
  22. Real Device Photos • Actual device photos to check how

    it looks physically
  23. Manner Mode • Change device manner mode settings

  24. Store Automation • Sign In to Google Play, etc 

    <in progress>
  25. Realtime Logs • Display Logcat logs • Realtime filtering

  26. Search Devices • Query devices by Maker, OS version, Release

    date, and a lot more
  27. Advanced Input • Press hardware keys remotely • Control Power,

    Volume, Media and D-pad keys
  28. Hardware Details • Show hardware spec details • Battery health,

    temperature, voltage, Carrier, SIM info, Phone Number, Display, Network, OS details
  29. Restart Device • Restart device remotely

  30. Reverse Port Forwarding • Check local development sites and servers

  31. Remote control even from your iPhone • Control Android from

    your own iOS/Android device directly • Supports multitouch up to 10 fingers
  32. Apache 2.0 License https://openstf.github.io 100% Open Source Everything

  33. Creating your own Devices Farm • Buy a USB hub

    • Connect your own Android devices
  34. STF Shelf

  35. Installing STF Users will not be required to install anything

  36. Installing (Mac OS X) • Install ADB • Install dependencies

    • Install STF brew install node rethinkdb graphicsmagick zeromq protobuf npm install -g stf Included in Android SDK Tools / Android Studio
  37. Running locally • Run RethinkDB • Run STF stf local

  38. Running on a LAN (the easy way) • Run RethinkDB

    • Run STF • Assuming your ip is any other machine will be able to access STF via stf local —-public-ip rethinkdb
  39. Running on a LAN (the proper way) • https://github.com/openstf/stf/blob/master/doc/ DEPLOYMENT.md

  40. https://openstf.github.io