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1st ever game jam in fmp

May 21, 2024

1st ever game jam in fmp


May 21, 2024


  1. Who is this game for? This is a 2 player

    game, mostly for couples, based around teamwork. It's designed to help build relationships between couples, through team building-esque exercises and levels that need good communication to be beaten! If you know him youll love our game NOT for singles!!!!! Designed for couples 󰗨 Audience Research
  2. Two lovers, disconnected by the afterlife and unhappy with their

    pre-selected destinations, must put their differences aside from life to work together to see eachother again - by defying Danté. Imagine this, You and your partner have just had a MASSIVE argument, storm out and boom! You're dead. But you have to find your partner and apologize. Welcome to, “Fate-Fall”. Audience Research
  3. Game Pillars: The four main aspects of our game. Pillar

    #3: STORY Pillar #1: MOVEMENT Pillar #2: MULTIPLAYER Pillar #4: PUZZLE SOLVING NEXT →
  4. Game Pillars: Pillar #1: MOVEMENT Our game will contain jumps,

    as it will have a lot of platforming elements, so we want the games movements to be responsive and fun, but another large part of the movement is the screen flipping, which changes who is on top, and will flip the players roles, changing who is above and who is below, and therefore changing the dynamics between the players. ← BACK Geometry dash can go upside down, which is cool Patior can also go upside down, which is also cool also relatively large props to celeste for existing !
  5. Game Pillars: Pillar #2: MULTIPLAYER MECHANICS Our game will exclusively

    be played as a multiplayer game, and while the players cannot directly interact, they can affect each others environments, by pressing buttons and pulling levers and the like. Imagine fireboy & watergirl but during covid ← BACK Or imagine it takes two but during covid Or we were here (if anyone's actually played that)
  6. Game Pillars: Pillar #3: STORY A big part of the

    game is the story, as that is how we tell the players where to go and how to progress the story. The plot will mostly be delivered to the protagonists by the Danté character, as he interferes with the characters a lot and drives the narrative with his actions. ← BACK Like Dr. Hakim from…. It Takes Two (2)!!!! Or Eon from Skylanders (shoutouts to elon by the way) Or phone guy from five night fredy (freddy 5 bear to be exact) !!!!!!/!1!
  7. Game Pillars: Pillar #4: PUZZLE SOLVING ← BACK Most of

    the game will be puzzles, as we decided that would be the best way to help bond couples through a video game, and they will be designed to need the players to communicate with each other in order to beat it. It Takes Two (shocker) has some great puzzles Fireboy and Watergirl has some great 2 player puzzles as well! And so does We Were Here 🥰😝
  8. Art style & References We wanted the two environments, the

    above and the below, to contrast. We were going to do this with contrasting art styles & colour palettes. We (merling) took inspiration from (fanboyed over) Hazbin Hotels heaven and hell environments We wanted the heck environment to be low-poly, but 2D, so we wanted to use a lot of triangles merged together to make it. For our characters, we wanted them to look like board game characters, and so we went for a very simplistic style.
  9. Concept Art / Level Environment sketch - Daisy The level

    will be split horizontally, with the top half of the screen being a soft and heavenly environment and the bottom half being a sharp and hellish word. There is a looming figure watching the players in the back. Each side will have puzzles that you must work with your partner to complete to move on to the next level. Occasionally, The figure in the back will flip the levels, swapping their positions and reversing the screen, putting the top on the bottom and the bottom on the top.
  10. Overview by frederick :) I think that we have created

    a good idea for a game, and I am excited to actually make it! I think that we have worked together really well, and managed our time properly to make a clear (i hope) representation of our idea and how we want to portray it via the medium of game Ratings: Daisy - 6.004/10 - stimulates far too often Martin π /10 - decent job, but a bit irrational (haha) Freddie 7.8/10 - too much wet (absolutely drenched) (sodden, even)