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FMP JAM Year 1

April 17, 2024

FMP JAM Year 1

by gabriela zavracu and arina acatinca


April 17, 2024


  1. World idea/context/culture Happened in year 2005 A middle aged doctor,

    Brianne Posch that works in the laboratory is looking for a cure for a deadly disease that turns infected people to fossil. She came to yokohama from germany for work. She left her kids in the care of a group of caretakers like a nursery in yokohama while she would work in tokyo, this group would become their care even after the apocalypse began. Tokyo went into quarantine due to the virus outrage and didn’t allow anyone to exit the city.
  2. Concept - characters Hans + Hannah They are siblings Departed

    from their mother From germany Adelaide From germany Came to yokohama from germany for work as a doctor but works in tokyo. Went to work in tokyo but when the quarantine rules were placed upon tokyo she got stuck.